Even though we are done with our fellowship at AMAL (apparently), the real drilling sessions of practical life is stalking us all. So, Am I safe to say learning journey will stay unfinished forever?

The last session was quite an emotional one, we were tested through a game to show our facilitators our coordination, our team work, our learning experiences through giving a demonstration. We were in team B, though we lost the game but okay winners of heart, winks!

we all were having mixed feelings, sad and happy. Sad because we would no longer be able to connect like…

Laptop coupled with handsfree, and oh how can I forget “zoom”..
for the rest of my life these three things will make me remember AMAL ACADEMY. There are many things like the fix space where I use to glue during the sessions for two and half hours and my water bottle along with me and whatnot? on a side note everyone in my class (my Amal fellows will remember me as hungry kid who always eat things during lectures).

The experience in AMAL was like a roller coaster, with all of its ups and downs the things that matters is…

An image by wordpress..

Pomodoro is a technique in which you assign yourself a task with targeted minutes with few breaks followed by a gift or treat to yourself if/when completed.
So i decided to complete my online course Last few portion of it within 25 minutes, I started timer on my mobile. It was not difficult for me however, the distractions were
1- Notifications which tempted me to look at phone.
2- I’ll do this tomorrow thought because gratification monkey told me theres a day left in a deadline.
But i challenged myself to complete that and to my surprise i ended up doing that in…

Aik Idea jo badal de apki zindagi!

AIK IDEA JO BADAL DE APKI ZINDAGI! This catchy phrase has special place in my life since childhood. However, we lack ideas. Why? from school till university — we are forced to memorize things and this snatches away our ability to think of an IDEA out of the box. Hence,put a full stop on our critical thinking.

I dream of a pakistan with empowered youth. I feel there shall be a platform which is by youth and for youth. A better future for any country is only possible through shaping better minds. we need to have think tanks which will…

While the rest of the world is busy fighting a common enemy: Corona, India, on the other hand, is taking advantage to occupy Kashmir valley next level. How and on what ground, this article will discuss it in detail.

On 5th August 2020, India imposed article 370 which granted J&K a degree of regional autonomy within Indian union was withdrawn. On march 25th BJP led Indian government ordered lockdown to fight covid-19 (apparently). Unlike other people, lockdown at start had not terrorized people of J&K as for them this was only an extension to the previously existed lockdown paired with…

To start off my first goal is to groom myself, emotionally and physically — professionally altogether.

I have decided to spend almost 15 mins entirely to settle the emotional clutter.

Right before going to bed, these 15 mins daily are mine to think and rethink about events happened and my performance the whole day. To reckon faults and improvements. This helps me to keep myself sane and regret-free.

Photo by Pete Pedroza on Unsplash

How important is it to thanks or acknowledge the efforts of people who are behind the scenes of our success? Doing a lot for us in several different ways. That person could be anyone your mother/father or both, friend, teacher even a stranger. It is very important to show gratitude. Gratitude leads you towards greater success. And believe me to show gratitude we don’t need to wait for the big moments like front page of our book dedicated to our loved ones or our graduation ceremony. We can show this everyday and anyday.
I have tried to thank three people…


How aptly this series put a light on miseres, sorrows and grief of refugees in detention centers!

Imagine yourself being disowned by your state or you yourself wants too seek an asylum as your country is in war state or an authoritarian state — there are many countries to name some Afghanistan and Iran respectively.

This season will explain the condition of refugees under such centers from sanitary conditions to food they eat, from behaviour of guards to their room conditions, from separation between male portion and family one to some nominal recreational activities arranged there…

Murderer and Blood money

This research article will address main point under the light of laws: murder of poor from affluent — where only punishment the convict bear is monetary compensation, which is of course possible for him. Does this give him a license to be a killer? And an overview of killing someone in eyes of islam.

First things first, when someone kills the other person for whatever reasons the murderer violates the victims fundamental rights. He breaches several articles of constitution of the Islamic republic of Pakistan. For example article 9, which ensures the ‘right to life’…

Yes, lets spell this magic together?

In this cruel world, kindness matters a lot. A little nice word? A cute helping gesture? listening to someone? giving someone a shoulder to cry on? a conversation with a stranger? walk with your parents? helping with medication with your grandparents? anything or everything — polite, an act of compassion is worth million dollars. Even if you succeed to bring a smile on any one face, You have achieved something which money can’t buy you. I call it SATISFACTION.

More often than not, we think and wait to do something bigger revolutionary and for that we left with doing nothing…

Kainat Saif

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